About Skilling WA

Skilling WA is a premier provider of quality training and assessment, unique in its approach we take an industry centric view looking at current practice and training solutions that fit our learners as individuals, and your business.  The owners collectively have over 60 years experience in this space, are all university qualified in adult education and deploy these expertise directly to industry …. Skilling WA.

As a training solutions provider, we work with our clients to identify their learning needs and objectives, finding and facilitating solutions.   

Skilling you, Skilling your people, Skilling your business, Skilling your future…..Skilling WA.  

Skilling WA offers both non-accredited and accredited (through our RTO scope) training options and solutions. 

Non-Accredited programs

Non-accredited programs are suited to individuals, business and industry and include courses/assessment in :

  • Leadership & Management
  • Real Estate
  • Training and Assessment
  • Workplace Health and safety
  • High Risk skills – Refresher and Verification of
    competencies (VOCs)
  • First Aid
  • Business administration skills
  • Human resource management
  • New small business (opening and running your own
    business successfully)
  • Personal development and generic skills
Accredited Programs 

Skilling WA is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) dedicated to providing high quality “accredited” training to individuals and Industry through “Australian Training Packages”.  Skilling WA provides Nationally Recognised Qualifications in WA providing students with the skills and knowledge to excel in their jobs. Our main objective is to ensure that our students receive the highest level of learning and service we can provide – tailored to their individual needs – using our tertiary educated and highly experienced trainer/industry specialists each with over 30 years experience in training, and 20 years experience in accredited training/registered training organizations.

We are not just people who have recently got their TAE (training and assessment qualification), we are lifelong educators dedicated and passionate about how people actually learn …. supporting our clients achieve …. Skilling WA.

As a RTO, we deliver training and assessment in the following:

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Need some help? 

Unable to find what you are looking for? …. We are more than happy to offer you our knowledge and experience.  We have been in this industry for a long time, have experience with many training providers, and know what quality is.  (One of our Directors is an experienced RTO Auditor)

We will help you find the right training program for you – linking you with the right connections – we offer this for free!

So, why not try our services today, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Let us help you……   Learn – Skill – Succeed 

Meet The Team

Rhonda Stacy

Managing Director / Specialist Trainer Assessor

Rhonda’s passion in how adults learn and helping people achieve through training and education fuels her commitment to provide innovative client centric training solutions.   This dedication and general love for learning has earned her a reputation at the forefront of Training and Assessing in Western Australia.

Rhonda’s experience in Training and Assessment spans over 30 years in which time she has held executive positions in Registered Training Organisations (RTO), Corporate business, State and National not-for-profits, and Government agencies, in various sectors including mining, construction, public safety and health. Her wealth of experience working within the VET sector (including many years as a RTO Consultant, RTO auditor and NCVER researcher), in instructional training and assessment design, and her extensive experience in delivery training and assessment provides clients with an extraordinarily valuable resource, well beyond other trainers and RTOs.

When delivering training, Rhonda uses a toolbox of practical learning tools, techniques and strategies supporting learners achieve their learning goals and corporates achieve Skilling their people. 

Rhonda’s Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Arts (Training & Development)
  • TAE50116 – Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • TAE50216 – Diploma of Training Design and Development
  • TAE40116 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • BSB41415 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • BSB51615 – Diploma of Quality Auditing
  • PRD50101 – Diploma of Property (Real Estate)
  • SIR40316 – Certificate IV in Retail
  • BSB40407 – Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • White Card
  • Section 44 – Appointed Persons

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Our Courses

Skilling WA offers both Accredited and non-accredited training in the following fields: 

‘Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.’ – George Evans

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